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Oils are gaining worldwide recognition for their versatility but their use is not new. Oils have been supporting holistic and wellness needs for the past 5,000+ years! With a recent re-emergence in natural healthcare (which is picking up momentum year after year), essential oils have become part of our mainstream culture but there are still many questions that have been left unanswered:

- What are Essential Oils?
- What to look for in a high-quality Essential Oils line?
- What is the best method of using Essential Oils?
- What Oils should be part of a daily routine?
- How can Essential Oils help specific health conditions?
- How to bring Essential Oils into your home?
- Who should use Essential Oils?
- What are the top ten Essential Oils that everyone should use?
- And many other questions!

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My goal for you during our time together is to share how vital and easy it is to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine.
Years ago I had the desire to try essential oils and I am so grateful I did. 

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