informed self-care

As you take greater responsibility for your health, it’s paramount to understand the issues that may not require the immediate attention of a medical professional. It’s important to see a doctor when the situation calls for it, but some minor issues can be solved at home. Taking care of your skin, supplementing to promote the health of your body’s systems, staying on top of health issues—all of these can be addressed with proper use of natural products.

What is Informed Self-Care? 

  1. Taking greater responsibility for our health on a daily basis.

  2. Learning about how big of an impact what we put in and on our body has on our health.

  3. Embracing more of a wellness lifestyle.

  4. Learning how minor issues can solved at home.

  5. Being proactive (instead of reactive) about taking care of our body.

  6. Supplementing to promote the health of our body’s systems.


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Optimum wellness is achieved through a combination of healthy lifestyle behaviors and proper medical care. When lifestyle is the focus, health can be naturally achieved and maintained. Your daily habits make all the difference. Becoming more informed about preventive health measures is an important component in a lifestyle that supports overall health and well-being. 

Review the main PILLARS OF HEALTH and get started :

Begin your journey to informed self-care by focusing on the Pillar of Health that needs attention! 
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