This is why I do what I do! With their permission I am sharing some of my client stories with you so that you can gain insight into how I have helped others and in turn, how I can help you.

Better Service Starts Here

"I met Rosetta 5 years ago when I took a chakra balancing certification course with her and embarked on an essential oil education journey. Recently, I mentioned to her that I was having Candida issues and been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. The knowledge and the time she took to assist me was amazing and I just really resonated with her, and I felt it was time to listen and learn and follow Rosetta. Well, I’m thrilled to have made the decision to work with her as I have seen fast results. I have been working with Rosetta since the end of Oct 2022 and from my first blood test to 3 months later my A1C was down 4 points. Rosetta is always there to answer questions, we have a zoom call every 2 weeks and go over any questions. She is full of knowledge, encouraging, respectful, kind, I could go on and on, LOL."

—rita t.

"Rosetta assisted me to clarify my thoughts on developing my career and to identify what I needed to do to move forward. She helped me see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ by breaking down the steps I needed to take into manageable actions. Her follow-through is remarkable and the strategies and lessons she has provided have inspired and motivated me to stay aligned with my values and passions. I would recommend Rosetta to anyone looking for an intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate coach and mentor."

—shannon cesar

"I met Rosetta 9 years ago when I was first introduced to doTERRA Essential oils. I am a Reflexology Therapist and Holistic Wellness Practitioner and had been looking for high quality essential oils to use in my business. I started taking classes with Rosetta and was so impressed with sourcing, environmental sustainability, ethical global and local partnering, and purity of the oils. I loved using the oils and decided to try the Life Long Vitality Vitamin line. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis that was affecting my hands, making them very sore and painful to touch. I was also waking up at night from the pains in my legs. I was worried that I would not be able to continue with my reflexology business. After learning more about LLV from Rosetta I decided to give them a try. I was amazed at how quickly my body responded. Within 2 weeks I was sleeping through the night and my hands started to get better! I found I had more flexibility and the inflammation and pain started to disappear. I knew I had found an incredible product to help me in my health journey."

—Zana Anderson

"Hi, my name is Rae. I am a reflexologist and aromatherapist whose interest in natural health is one of my two passions. The other is travel. I met Rosetta about 13 years ago and have taken on so much knowledge by knowing her, and followed wonderful paths that I may not have seen otherwise. Rosetta is a wonderful mentor and coach. She is generous with both her knowledge and time. I now live in Mexico so there are many miles between us but luckily we have the internet and I always look forward to my meetings and chats with her. She has so much to offer, please look at her upcoming classes and join in. It will be time well spent."

—Rae Beatty