The digestive process provides the building blocks your body needs to live, to function, and to stay healthy. Your digestive system does so much for you. So, of course, you should make sure you're showing it some love in return.
Digestive health is a prime concern for people, and many struggle with digestive issues. Keep in mind that your body produces metabolic enzymes from the food you eat! It needs plenty of enzymes to digest food and help cells convert nutrients into energy. However, processed, cooked, and preservative-laden foods in the modern diet are often deficient in enzymes.

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Just as a healthy gut can influence emotional health, your emotions can impact your digestive health. Reducing and managing stress can help to maximize the health of your gut. Get good sleep at night, be mindful, and take care of yourself emotionally.

Let's discuss your digestive challenges and make an individualized program to improve your gut health!

Healthy adults house many species of bacteria in their gut. This “microbiome” helps to break down food into nutrients that the rest of your body can use.  Eating a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and fermented foods can provide us with the probiotics, prebiotics and synbiotics we need to help diversify the healthful bacteria in our gut. 

The ultimate goal to gut health is to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria. This “microbiome” has been connected with various aspects of health, including emotions, stronger immune function and improved metabolism. As a result, improving your gut health means improving your overall health. 

learning about metabolic health is the next important pillar to a healthy lifestyle.